Lead a LowCarb LifestyleLead a LowCarb Lifestyle

Lead a LowCarb Lifestyle

We love to share health

We love to share health

We want to make it easier for people to adopt a low-carb lifestyle; curbing the effects of diabetes and minimising the need for medication, enabling weight loss without feeling hungry, and promoting general good health with low-carb staple foods. The low-carb lifestyle has been proven to be effective at bringing diabetes and other chronic conditions into remission, aiding significant and sustainable weight loss and restoring good health and vitality.


When we say sugar free we actually mean a sweetener that doesn't make your blood glucose spike. For our products we use monk fruit, stevia and erythritol. These sugar replacements are safe for a low carb diet.
Its lowcarb you will truly love

Its lowcarb you will truly love

Not only do we enjoy our products, we believe that low carb food should be a viable and tasty option for any healthy, happy lifestyle. We believe that the only way we can impact the health of millions, is making sure the products they buy taste good. And maybe even better than the norm. Only then will healthy food transform into a habit. Eventually leading to a sustainable lifestyle and long-term improvement in health.

Why We Do What We Do

From day one our mission was clear - to create delicious low carb goodies using clean ingredients to make this way of eating sustainable. It's difficult enough to swap those high carb and sugary foods for healthier choices so we made sure to focus on taste and texture. Grain free, gluten free, no sugar, nutrient dense and less than 6g net carbs per serving, this is definitely Low Carb You Love.
Grain Free
Absolutely no grains like wheat, barley, oats, rice or starches. Only nut and seed flours, coconut flour, plant fibres and other low carb ingredients are used.
No Sugar
Refined sugar in all its forms (glucose, fructose, syrups etc.) have no place in our goodies! We use natural sweet subs like stevia, monk fruit and erythritol.
Nutrient Dense
Since only premium ingredients closest to its natural form (no to less processing) are used, the finished goods are surely packed with nutrients.
Keto Friendly
All our products are below 6 grams net carbs per serving making them very low carb and ideal for the keto diet.

About Us

Baking delicious low carb and sugar free goodies for your HEALTH, HEART and HAPPINESS.

Delivery & Returns

We keep booked items for a week so that you can pick them up at a convenient time
To deliver your favorite products, we have partnered with the most reliable companies. We are ready to entrust them with your orders and are always on your side if something goes wrong. We will be happy to assist you with eligible returns, the return instructions, and the shipping address. If you need a return or exchange, send us an email so we can discuss a replacement.


Founder & Product Creator
"Scarcity paved the way for innovation" - this was what motivated Jeannie, the brand's founder, to feverishly experiment on creating goodies that would fit her low carb diet lest she goes hungry! For decades Jeannie suffered from the debilitating effects of Type 2 diabetes but by eliminating high carb and sugary foods, she was able to normalise blood sugar, shed unwanted weight and experience optimum health! But being a former "carbaholic" and "carbivore", the diet was difficult to sustain. There were few alternatives to the foods she loved and whatever was available was hardly (think dry cardboard) good eating. Discovering that there were many like her, she set out to develop breads, snacks and treats that people would actually love to eat. Aside from taste and texture, using only premium, nutrient dense and clean ingredients (no unrecognisable stuff here) were crucial. After countless hours of product creations and market testing, Just Go Low Carb was born. Fuelled by a vision to become a locally loved brand that will be a staple in health-conscious homes, Just Go Low Carb also aims to share its delicious goods to the growing low carb global community.